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22.11.07 17:26
BRUSSELS, Belgium The Kia motor company withdrew as main sponsor of Belgian first division club FC Brussels on Friday after a confrontation between the club chairman and its Congolese international. Zola Matumona plans to scrap his contract with FC Brussels, claiming he was racially insulted by team chairman Johan Vermeersch early this week. Vermeersch has admitted he had "a very lively exchange" with the Congolese midfielder earlier this week after a string of disappointing results, but the chairman denied racism. Kia, the South Korean car company, said there were indications of racism and announced its immediate withdrawal from the club. "As chief sponsor we cannot identify ourselves with racist talk of chairman Vermeersch," Kia manager Benoit Morenne said. "Kia therefore decided to unilaterally end its sponsorship agreement." Vermeersch already said on the club website that "if anyone felt insulted...

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22.11.07 17:25
21, 2007 (Thomson Financial delivered by Newstex) Oversea Chinese Banking Corp, the smallest of the three Singapore banks, said late Wednesday that it has raised 225 million Singapore dollars from the sale of tier 2 subordinated notes to institutional investors. The maiden note issue was rated 'Aa2' by Moody's, 'A+' by Fitch Ratings and 'A' by Standard & Poor's. (NYSE:MHP) The 10 year notes will initially bear a fixed annual interest rate of 3.78 percent until Nov 28, 2012. If the notes are not called after five years, the annual interest...

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15.11.07 15:00
Sidr is a very severe tropical cyclone over the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. It is just short of being a category five cyclone. It has top winds of 150 mph. It will make landfall over the low lying coastline of Bangladesh tomorrow night (Birmingham time) or early Friday morning local time. Here is the latest bulletin on severe tropical cyclone Sidr from the India Meteorological Department… DEMS RSMC TROPICAL CYCLONES NEW DELHI DATED 15 11 2007 TROPICAL STORM “SIDR” ADVISORY NO. TWENTY FOUR ISSUED AT 0300 UTC OF 15 NOVEMBER, 2007. THE VERY SEVERE CYCLONIC STORM “SIDR” OVER EASTCENTRAL AND ADJOINING WESTCENTRAL BAY OF BENGAL MOVED FURTHER NORTHWARDS AND LAY CENTRED AT 0000 UTC OF TODAY, THE 15TH NOVEMBER 2007 OVER EASTCENTRAL AND ADJOINING...

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5.11.07 05:08
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18.10.07 23:19
In Iran, Putin Warns Against Military Action:

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16.10.07 13:00

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